Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Where Did Our Friends Go?

"No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with."

 I LOVE being stupid and carefree. Don't you?

Having fun is something we tend to do with our friends; letting our hair down so to speak. It pains me that I hardly see my friends anymore, I miss them. So why do we only converse through our smartphones nowadays?

Do you keep in touch with your friends by popping round for a cuppa or ringing them up for a good old chat to see how they are and what they have been up to recently?

…. or do you just browse your Facebook newsfeed and keep up to date with their lives through their status updates?

We are all guilty of this. We share our latest news in a Facebook status update to which our friends will "like" and maybe even leave a comment instead of ringing each other up and telling them. I can confess that it was my friend's birthday last month and I have a birthday card here which I wrote out for her. I haven't given it to her yet because I've not seen her to be able to do so. Although I did manage to type Happy Birthday on her Facebook profile.

I fear the Facebook social interaction (liking a photo or commenting on a status update) is now becoming a way of life. Surely liking their photo is making an effort, right? Erm NO!

Sharing our worries with our close friends is a part of life, especially for us ladies who love to talk.  Chatting face to face can be so cathartic; problems halved, worries diminished and a complete peace of mind for some. It's healthy. However because we don't see our friends regularly it is far more difficult to pick up the phone or pop round to discuss your worries.

I bet without Facebook in our lives and not knowing whether our friends are still alive then it goes without saying we would pick up the phone to speak to them. So why don't we make this effort even though we have seen their latest update online? And it is probably ambitious for me to suggest you would ring them up, I bet you will text them instead?!

This lack of real social interaction in our everyday lives is becoming all too much of a habit and it saddens me greatly. The ease of technology has caused us to lead our lives from the confines of our homes, sat on our backsides scrolling through newsfeeds and timelines.

These little snippets of information are not enough. We give our friendships the same amount of interaction as we do watching the 6 o'clock news - we tune in to keep up to date with what is happening that day and that's it.

Back in the days when social media didn't exist there was definitely more meet ups and long phone chats with our close friends. It was fun. A lot of fun. It was far more rewarding than a quick text message.

Can you remember when you'd pop round to a friend for a quick cuppa and before you knew it you were giggling like school girls, enjoying a glass of wine and having a good old heart to heart? There was far more spontaneity back then.

The only people who I regularly see without any social media intervention or text messaging are my parents. They're not interested in Facebook or Twitter and if they have not heard from me for a few days they will turn up at my door to see how I am. They will stay here for a few hours, we will have a cuppa and have dinner together. It's ace!

It makes me realise that changes need to be made, there's too much apathy when it comes to properly communicating with our friends. Lets make more of an effort, it's not hard is it? And I can guarantee once you see your friends you will be wondering why you hadn't done it sooner.

I miss seeing my friends as much as we used to, we hardly see each other now due to work commitments but we all have the time to be on Facebook regularly.

Teresa x