Monday, 24 February 2014

I Am A Rug Virgin

Now this is going to sound really strange, but, I have never bought a rug. Never.

I have purchased a mat for people to wipe their feet when entering my home and I have bought lots of carpets but I've never ventured into the world of rugs. And I have a reason why…..

I'm too indecisive when choosing one. I know it sounds silly because I have visited lots of my friends homes who have all got a rug and to be honest, I probably haven't taken much notice of it. But for me, I have to find THE ONE!

Since having a major refurbishment at my house I definitely now need to buy a rug but there are so many I cannot choose.

Here's some I have got my eye on:

john lewis modern rug
JOHN LEWIS blocks rug, £45-150
hot pink pattern rug
TWENTY TWENTY ONE Dot rug, (they only had a pic of the little one, grrr) £297-£1043
grey zig zag rug
Rita rug concrete large, £299 (150x200cm)
duck egg pattern rug
SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN CENTRE Karin rug light blue large, £299
christian lacroix rug
Christain Lacroix Paseo rug, £995
habitat yellow rug
HABITAT geometric wool rug, £250
habitat geometric rug
HABITAT triangle patterned wool rug, £350

I need your help folks.

I want to buy one for my living room and one for the dining room. Both rooms have a light wooden floor, shark grey walls yet have different colour accents. My living room has quite a lot of colourful accessories whilst the dining room has none.

Have you got any tips in buying a rug? Is there anything I should look for? And please tell me which ones you like the most or if you have seen one somewhere else which may tickle my fancy.

Help me pop my-rug-buying-cherry!

Teresa x