Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Jewellery Trend for 2014

Jewellery is going skinny. No more chunky cuffs, fat chains or knuckledusters. In 2012/2013 the trend of thin gold rings was everywhere, I wore many on my fingers and loved this new style. Now the necklaces and bracelets are going the same and you must wear lots of them for a full load of arm and neck candy.

Don't worry you won't be looking like Mr T, it is far more delicate than that. Wear three necklaces and at least three bracelets on your arm along with a co-ordinated watch.

For earrings it's the same again, little gold studs or fine gold earrings and wear lots of them.

Here's some of the styles you need to be checking out:

Did you get any new jewellery for Christmas? I want to hear ALL about it!

A girl can never have enough jewels.

Teresa xx