Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Brighten Up Your Home in 2014

Anyone else looking around their homes thinking "Ugh this room soooo needs a makeover"?

I have been for quite some time. As much as I love the grey in my house (we painted grey in nearly every room back in 2007 when we moved in), I do feel it needs a bit of oomph.

I never did finish each room completely how I wanted it to look because we were in so much of a rush to get it all done and then once we'd painted that final bit of wall we haven't done much since. It's time to give my house a bit of a much needed makeover and I have been searching for paint and wallpaper for the last month.

Again, I am going for grey but this time we are using the brand Little Greene paint which is the perfect grey for us. We have ordered some new wallpapers which I cannot wait to see when they go up. But me, I am always one step ahead and started to look at pieces to give a bit of POP in my home and not allow the grey to depress me again.

Here's a few neat ideas which I love:

Firstly I may go for non-matching sofa and chairs which will certainly bring a lot of bold colour to a living room.

john lewis sofa
John Lewis sofa in Oslo apple colour, £750
yellow armchair
Ritchie armchair from £349

Then why not have colourful tables and dining chairs too…..
bird neon decor
Colin's hot best friend, Bitten £50

quirky clock
Eliptical clock from Dutch By Design, £9.95

As much as I am probably going to be snapping up some brand new items I think I shall scour the antique shops and markets for something quirky to add a bit of interest to my home. 

I cannot wait to go shopping!!

Teresa x