Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Why Do We Compare Ourselves?

We all do it. We all compare ourselves to other people especially us ladies. I know not to take too much notice of magazines with their photoshopped images of stunning celebrities but there's no way I can ignore the beauty of some of the older famous women.

elle macpherson 2013

Look at Elle Macpherson, forgetting her long legs and incredible body she does still have amazing hair, amazing skin and amazing style. And I wish I can retain these factors myself as I get older. I am very much aware I don't have a stylist, the best hairdresser and skin facialists on speed dial and I am also mindful of the fact I have got to work with what Mother Nature blessed me with. But I still want to look my best.

My biggest failure is the fact I cannot dedicate myself to the level of fitness these older ladies subject themselves to on a regular basis. Oh to have a personal trainer and nutritionist, and not forgetting the money so I could afford to look as good as these ladies would be great too.

But I have to be realistic and accept the fact it's never going to happen.

What I do more than anything though is compare myself. Most recently it has been Lucy Pargeter who has taken part on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Apparently this lady is one year younger than me which makes her 36 years of age. Surely I don't look older than her, do I?

lucy pargeter,

...and Sam Bailey, the fab singer on X Factor, she is two years younger than me. Yes, she has since had one heck of a makeover and I am sure if I had access to the same beauticians, make-up artists and dieticians I would look a whole lot better too. When I have watched Sam on the TV show I do find she carries herself as a 35 year old woman and I am in complete denial that I do the same.

sam bailey,

Why, do I have such hang ups?

Because both of these ladies are younger than me. And I am adamant I look younger than them.

I have asked my husband and my parents if they think I look older than both reality show contestants and they have assured me I don't. I just cannot get my head around the fact that I am one year older than Lucy Pargeter and two years older than Sam Bailey.

This may sound awful but as talented as these ladies both are, I think they look older than their 36 and 35 years respectively. Whenever I see someone on tv and hear they are of similar age then I automatically compare myself. I am sure this is due to the fact that I am very bothered about how I look and I am very bothered about ageing.

Only the other day I was sat in my GP surgery and I recognised someone I went to school with. I instantly turned to my husband and asked

"How old do you think that woman is over there in the red coat and black trousers?"

I do this every time I see someone I went to school with 20 years ago. And I have no doubt that the other person could be asking their friend the same about me. When you get to a certain age but still believe you are 18 years of age in your head then it's difficult to accept our ageing exterior.

When was the last time you compared yourself to someone of similar age? We all do it.

BUT when was the last time you compared yourself to an Olympic athlete or a brain surgeon? Probably never.

Yep, sad isn't it? I'm sure on my deathbed I would be more satisfied and pleased with myself if I have achieved something of great importance. I doubt very much anyone thinks to themselves….I've had a splendid life by looking good for my age and busting my gut at the gym to retain this wonderful size 10 figure. I can die happy knowing I have accomplished this dream. No. Not ever.

Are you in denial of your real age? I know I certainly am and whilst I won't be doing the whole mutton dressed as lamb thing, I still want to retain some style and be more like Elle Macpherson than Sam Bailey.

I am really pleased for people who achieve great things in their lives, but am never envious of people's achievements. Sadly I am more in awe of their flawless skin and youthful looks.

Are you as vain as me?

Teresa x