Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sinner Thursdays - Snowman Oreo Truffles

At the start of the year, I shared with you one of my most beloved recipes of all time - Oreo Truffles. 

For Christmas, I decided to rejig and revamp them, so I've turned them into these super-cute Snowman Oreo Truffles. Just how blooming adorable are these?

Snowman OREO truffles

They're perfect for baking with kids as you can get as creative and as different as you like. I love them on the end of lolly sticks for festive pops, and then on their own as melting snowman truffles. They're also brilliant stacked on top of one another (just add string for a scarf!) to create a mammoth snowman truffle.

Anyway, they're so adorable that I hardly had it within myself to eat them. But eat them I did, and I was a very, very happy lady indeed.

What Christmassy-looking recipes have you been cooking up?

Sam x



1 pack Double-stuffed Oreos (the regular ones work too, but the double-stuffed are extra special!)
¾ pack full-fat cream cheese, at room temp
Four bars of white chocolate (Milky Bar works particularly well)
Orange jelly beans or skittles (to decorate)
One pack Giant Cadbury's buttons (to decorate)
Fruit pastilles (to decorate)
Brown icing (to decorate)


1) Blitz the Oreos in a food processor, then set a few crumbs aside. Mix the rest in with the cream cheese. I use a spoon because I hate using my hands, but I think it would be much quicker if you just dove right in! Add the cream cheese to taste, but I tend to use about 180 – 200g.

2) Roll the mixture into balls (however big you like your truffles), then pop them on a tinfoil-lined tray and shove them in the freezer! In the meantime, start by making the Snowman hats (if using) by dotting a blob of the icing onto the top of a Cadbury's button, then squish a fruit pastille on top.

3) When they balls are a bit firmer (around 20 mins), get them out and get to work on melting the white chocolate. White chocolate can be a little trickier to melt, but I tend to do it in 30 second blasts in the microwave.

4) Once you have lovely, gooey, thick, melted white chocolate, start dipping the balls in and rolling them around. I find it helps to have two spoons to do this!

5) Before they’ve set, squish the orange jelly beans or skittles on as noses, then place a hat on top. Once set, use your icing to decorate faces on each snowman and then enjoy!