Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blooming Lovely Jewellery for Glam Mums-to-Be

Before I fell pregnant with Zayn, I always assumed that maternity wear would be a giant, fashion no-go full of leggings, loose tunic tops and flowing maxi skirts. I assumed I'd have to change my style, to forget fashion and instead celebrate frump.

Of course, I couldn't have been more wrong. While I miss my "normal" wardrobe a LOT while I am pregnant (just 15 weeks - and counting - to go this time!), I've been stunned by just how glamorous and cool some of the maternity fashions are.

From ASOS to Topshop, being pregnant no longer means dressing like your gran. And there are some little perks too, such as this gorgeous range of Blooming Lovely jewellery for mamas-to-be.

Handmade in Spitalfields and ispired by the Mexican Bola necklace - a chiming pendant which helps mums to bond with their unborn babies - this stylish brand not only helps you to look fabulous, but also brings luck to your bump. Perfect!

I was asked to pick a piece from the range to review, and I fell completely in love with the brand new Lucky Star collection. With a charm bracelet, bangle and necklace to pick from, I was well and truly spoiled for choice. However, I love the idea of having my charm hovering over bump, so this beautiful necklace was a great choice.

Blooming Lovely Jewellery

Wrapped up in beautiful packaging, this necklace made me feel well and truly spoiled. Plated with 22-carat gold, it's thought to bring the wearer good luck and fortune and, without going into details, I can honestly say that it's already done just that.

I love that it goes with most outfits and it jazzes up my favourite oversized sweaters or basic tees a real treat - and for only £22 too!. The perfect gift for mamas-to-be, I reckon every mum would like to find one of these in her stocking this Christmas!

And with prices starting at just £12 for a charm bracelet, you know you want to treat yourself to something too. Just because...

I'll be ordering the Lucky Star Charm Bangle next, just because it's blooming lovely.

Blooming Lovely Lucy Star Charm Bangle

And perhaps I'll add a Mama-to-Bee charm bracelet to my basket too. It's Christmas, I deserve it...

Mama-to-Bee charm bracelet Blooming Lovely

Sam x