Monday, 11 November 2013

What to Eat For Glowing Skin

When I was younger, I never had good skin. In fact, it was pretty darn awful.

Blotchy, uneven and prone to breakouts, I hated looking in the mirror first-thing, and I used to go out of my way to avoid seeing my reflection sans make-up. Foundation and concealer quickly became my ultimate desert island must-haves.

Fast forward ten years (crikey, that makes me sound old!) and I can honestly say that I have the best skin of my life. Healthy, glowing (or at least it is usually - depends on a certain little monster of a baby) and clear, I can finally face the mirror without a face full of slap. Hell, I can even leave the house without foundation, knowing that I won't send children scattering for cover in nearby bushes, or causing cars to crash.

What to eat for glowing skin
While a lot of this comes from great skincare (HELLO Balmology and 001!) the majority I've managed through through diet alone. Healthy, clean eating, along with plenty of water and no sugar (seriously - sugar is the worst for bad skin) have all worked to give me the skin I've always dreamed of.

So, if you're struggling with healthy skin, then why not give your diet an overhaul? Here are our top foods for helping you to get that glow during these wind-ravaging winter months.

Sam x


Chia Seeds -

Not only are Chia Seeds a fantastic source of protein and energy for vegetarians, but they're also great for helping to get the skin to glow. One of the highest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, Chia seeds will help to strengthen cell membrane barriers that allow water and nutrients, all while flushing toxins out. Sprinkle into smoothies, porridge or granola for an instant energy injection in the morning.

Almond Milk -

Dairy produce is often linked to acne and, when I switched to almond milk, I genuinely saw a difference. Of course, almonds are also rich in antioxidants which help to eliminate toxins from the body, also minimising wrinkles. Skin-boosting Vitamin E will also help to nourish and care for your face.

Berries -

Mixed Berry Oat Smoothie

Packed with anti-oxidants to help prevent ageing and to fight blemishes, berries are a real wonder food. Vitamin C helps to support a healthy immune system, boost radiance and heal spots - and they happen to be ridiculously tasty too! I buy mine frozen to help keep in as many nutrients as possible (cheaper, too!) then throw them into smoothies and my porridge - try this Mixed Berry Oat Smoothie for ideas.

Salmon -

We all know those Omega 3s are good for your body, but did you know they're also great for the skin too? Healthy fats like those in salmon are great for keeping your face supple and well-moisturised, while vitamin D also keeps teeth and bones strong too. Studies have also shown that those who eat a diet rich in seafood have fewer wrinkles.

Tomatoes -

Packed with the anti-oxidant Lycopene (which is also believed to lower acne-producing hormones), tomatoes are a brilliant skin booster. Amazingly, Lycopene is actually absorbed best when cooked or processed, meaning tinned soups, tomato juice and even ketchup are a great way of soothing the skin!

Water -

Glass of water
Water, water, water. We all know it's good for you, but so many of us don't drink our 8 glasses a day. Drinking water will help to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, plump the skin and give a fresher, dewier appearance. It also makes your skin softer too - what's not to love? Take with our favourite Collagen Shots (read our review here) for an extra boost!

Dark Chocolate -

Oh yeah, this is my FAVOURITE. Not only does it satisfy your sweet tooth, but dark chocolate is full of flavonols, which has plenty of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Just be sure to stick to good-quality dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa levels - Lindt has just released a 90% bar. YUM.

Total Yoghurt -

Not only is it deliciously creamy, but Greek yoghurt is also bursting with proteins, which are essential for helping to create healthy skin cells. As an added tip, sweeten with lemons (rich in collagen-boosting vit C) or melted dark chocolate for an extra skin boost!

Sweet potatoes -

Sweet potatoes
High in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, which combats ageing free radicals, sweet potatoes are a skin superfood. In fact, many of your skincare products containing Retinol and Retinoic Acid are derived from Vitamin A. Eat your sweet potatoes instead for a much more natural, cheaper facial!

Coconut Oil -

Not just for use in the kitchen, coconut oil can also be used on your hair, face and body. Use it as a lotion to create smooth and subtle skin, as the gentlest eye make-up remover imaginable and to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. Some studies even suggest that consuming coconut oil can help increase your tolerance to the sun. Our tip? Go for Lucy Bee - by far the best!

Nuts and Seeds -

As well as being loaded with good fats, fibre and protein, nuts (especially in their raw form) can also help to make your skin look more supple and smoother. Certain nuts, such as almonds, also act as a natural-inflammatory, making them ideal for treating skin disorders including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Meanwhile, pumpkin seeds are full of vitamin E, zinc and magnesium, which help to make the skin glow and regenerate. Finally, brazil nuts have plenty of selenium, which many think can help to protect the skin from cancer.

Avocados -

Far too many people are afraid of fats, but they aren’t created equally! Some fats, particularly those found in nutrient-rich avocados, are incredibly good for you. In fact, some recent studies have shown that avocados contain everything you could possibly need to stay healthy. A natural moisturiser, the fats in avocados will help your skin to stay soft and healthy. Omega-9 fats found in avocados can also aid regeneration , while vitamin E can protect against photo-ageing and vitamin C creates collagen and elastin for maintaining firmness. An all-round super food!