Saturday, 23 November 2013

OH SO Delicious - Probiotic Chocolate That's Good For You!

With Christmas upon us, we're all endlessly being bombarded with festive treats and naughty goodies.

Everywhere I turn (well, in Tesco, at least), I'm hit with aisle after aisle of chocolate Santas, candied nuts, mince pies, stollen and all manner of things which would happily conspire to leave me bursting out of my LBD.

Of course, it's good to be naughty every now and again (we all do it, right?), but what about when you don't want to wreck the diet? What do you eat to cure the sugar rush then?

Thankfully, I am sharing with you a chocoholic's dream today. I'm bringing you ohso - chocolate which is actually, genuinely good for you. Oh YES.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the lovely, chocolatey delights that ohso have on offer and, let me tell you, I am in LOVE. The wonderful people there have created probiotic dark chocolate, with more than a billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium added to each bar to aid digestion - that's three times the amount of live bacteria found in those cleverly-marketed probiotic drinks.

ohso chocolate

Not only that, but the chocolate is gluten-free, wheat-free and nut-free and contains no added dairy, which means it's a fantastic sweet hit for those with allergies. The calorie-counting fiends among us (I'm not one - I hate calories) will also be happy to note that each bar contains just 72 calories. Much, much better than a Mars Bar, right?

So, how do they taste? Well, it was love at first bite. Made with 53% of cocoa, ohso bars give you a really delicious chocolatey hit. Rich and decadent, they feel ever so naughty, even though they're incredibly nice. It comes in two types - the plain Belgian Chocolate and the Naturally Orange flavour - although my sweet tooth causes me to favour the orange.

Any chocoholics will absolutely love this little treat and, I have to say, I'm won over too. In fact, look at my son enjoying his...

Coming in little packets of 7 (enough to get you through the week), ohso costs £3.99 - a treat pretty much everyone can enjoy - and is available to buy here.

Sam x