Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Creme Hair and Beauty - ULTIMATE Date Night Hair

Regular readers of the blog will know just how much I adore getting my hair done.

I love the sheer indulgence of simply sitting in a chair and allowing myself to be pampered and completely spoiled.

Since becoming a mum, my trips to the hairdressers haven't been quite so enjoyable. While Zayn loves flirting with the ladies and is ever-fascinated by the hair drier, having a blow dry just isn't quite the same  when you're singing nursery rhymes and playing with toy cars. I'd much rather a trashy mag accompany me on my afternoon of bliss.

Last Friday was my birthday, so I leapt at the chance when the lovely girls at LWPR asked if I'd like to go and review one of their salons, Creme, at the weekend. Based in the pretty town of Oakham, Creme Hair and Beauty offers an array of treatments, from facials to blow dries, making it the ideal place for a spot of "me time".

Set in an old church, the salon itself is large and modern, yet also beautifully airy and welcoming. The girls on reception were lovely and friendly (always a telltale sign of a good salon) and their light chatter set me at ease. In fact, I felt my entire body relax the second I stepped inside. 

I was quickly greeted by Sarah, who was going to be styling my hair for the night. After a quick chat through of what I was hoping for (big, relaxed, bouncy waves), she sent me off to have my hair washed. 

It was here that I started to drift off to sleep. You see, for me, the hair wash is my favourite part of any blow dry and sends me off the scale when it comes to relaxation. During the wash, I also enjoyed a Kerastase Ritual deep conditioning treatment, which left my coloured and slightly frazzled hair baby soft and shiny. 

Once my hair was washed, Sarah got to work on my blow dry, creating gorgeously bouncy waves using a barrel brush. I was absolutely thrilled with the end result (see below), which left me feeling glamorous, despite being pregnant, and not too "done". Perfect for a birthday date night with hubby, who most definitely approved of my new look...

Creme Hair and Beauty

I absolutely loved my experience at Creme and will definitely be back for further treatments - I already have my eye on the facials!

Sam x

P.S If you want to see just how fabulous Sarah was, check out what I came into the salon looking like. Isn't she just magic?