Thursday, 21 November 2013

Clynol's Miracle Luminous Oil Collection for Hair

It's very very rare that I ever blog about haircare. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I've done it.

You see, my hair is wavy, blonde and fairly fine - it's pretty much resistant to hair products, and basically does what it wants, when it wants. Just like me, really.

However, I wanted to bring you a review of a haircare line that really and truly works. You see, Clynol's Luminous Oil range has left my hair feeling silky smooth, and smelling like I've just bounced out of a salon. The range has worked to make my locks look glossy (or as glossy as they will ever be), thick and lustrous. Best of all, my tresses are completely manageable, and I never, ever get to say that.

Clynol Luminous Oil

The Luminous Oil products (comprising a shampoo, intensive treatment conditioner and leave-in oil) use a brilliant and unique combination of oils, vitamins and minerals to create spectacular softness. They are also fused with a gold shimmer, which helps to add a glamorous shine to hair - perfect, I'd imagine, for the festive season.

Since I tend to suffer with dry hair (although it is suitable for all hair types, including fine), this range is pretty much made for me. It has transformed my hair and left it looking radiant, healthy and utterly lustrous.

However, while I love each of the products and will definitely be buying them myself, the Luminous Oil Glow is by far my pick of the bunch as left my hair feeling incredibly strong. Designed as a glossing finishing treatment, the Oil is infused with Marula Oil to soften, smooth and boost luminosity. It also happens to eradicate a lot of your split ends.

All in all, it's safe to say I'm in love.

You can buy the Luminous Oil range in Clynol salons, although I have also spotted it on Amazon here.

Sam x