Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bath & Unwind Tried and Tested - Teresa Bare Faced!

I really should start this blogpost with a warning, you are about to see me with no make-up on and one of the pictures is first thing in the morning when I am puffy faced with a dash of Gordon Ramsay wrinkles thrown in to give me a good old leather face.

Yes I am being very brave today!

The reason why I am sharing with you my ugly face is because I wanted to show you how good the products I have tried from Bath & Unwind really are.

morning photo looking rough
Yep I'm not a pretty picture first thing in the morning! 

I took this photo within minutes of waking up and have not cleansed or done anything to alter my appearance, in fact, I didn't even brush my hair.

Once I cleansed I then started to use the following items from Bath & Unwind and I was very excited about trying the Bliss Firm Baby Firm Eye Duo. I have never seen an eye firming product which has two separate products for each part of your eye, underneath and the brow bone area. What a brilliant idea!!!

Bliss Firm Baby Firm Eye Duo
Incredible product and definitely worth every penny!

Using both of these eye products it helps to reduce the appearance of finer lines and wrinkles (I've got plenty of them!). The duo works together gardenia stem cells, X-50 cell-targeting peptides, and phyto-retinoids which help to support natural collagen and elasticity for almost instant and long term lifting results. It plumps up hollow areas, erases fine lines, and smooths skin for a more youthful look. And boy does it work!!

I have tried a lot of eye serums, creams and gels in my time and have seldom found any which improve the skin around my eye. I am proud to say the Bliss Firm Baby Firm Eye Duo definitely does work miracles!

Now, I would like to share with you the fantastic Trilogy Rosapene Day & Night Collection.

trilogy rosapene
Rosapene Night Recovery Cream - 20ml

This indulgent set is a fab buy at £29.50 (a splendid Christmas gift) to receive all of these wonderful treats. I am super impressed with every single item and the beautiful aroma of each item is heavenly!

trilogy moisturiser
The snazzy packaging looks wonderful but the actual products inside are ruddy marvellous!

I chose this item because I thought the price of the festive set was not only a great buy but also I had a sneaky feeling the Trilogy's Rosapene collection was going to be excellent. And I was right! 

Rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants and natural ingredients, this set helps tackle the signs of ageing whilst keeping skin plump, firm and dewy around the clock. As you can see from the image below (sorry for the poor quality image, I used my Macbook to take this selfie), my face is already improving.

beauty blogger working with product
Here I am applying the award winning Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ face oil

I do love a good face oil and I can see why the rosehip oil is an award winner, it was clearly noticeable this organic natural seed oil blend was nourishing my skin and softened my leather face within seconds.

Next to try was probably the most indulgent product I chose from Bath & Unwind - Emma Hardie Face Age Treatment cream.

emma hardie face age cream
Miracle moisturiser, fact!

Like everyone else I have tried A LOT of moisturisers in my time, I predominantly choose moisturisers which will protect my skin during the winter months from the harsh weather and central heating. And I have certainly got my favourites but now I can say the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Age Support Treatment Cream is right at the front of my bathroom cabinet ready to be used every morning.

You may have noticed from my morning photo that I have a tinge of redness to my skin (as well as a few spots, ugh!) and it's something I have accepted and try to hide with foundation which I hate wearing. I prefer my skin make-up free in the daytime and now I can because this skincare miracle has diminished any sign of redness and calmed my skin down considerably. Not only that, it is also improving my skin's elasticity and overall look. I think this could be the first moisturiser which actually DOES create a youthful look.

Don't you think I look a whole lot better now?

teresa no make-up
Here's the finished result without any make-up or editing of image.

Admittedly you can still see the spots near the corner of my mouth (only a concealer will sort those bad boys out) but I am absolutely bowled over with my forehead and cheeks, they look so much better. I haven't used any trick photography and only used my Macbook to take these pics in natural daylight without a flash. I hope my pics show you the real effect of these products.

Yes, I'm no spring chicken at 37 years of age but these skincare products have undoubtedly improved my appearance.

The final item I chose to review is the Ren Rose Experience, priced at £32 it is another gift set which anyone would love to receive as a present on Christmas day.

Here's a photo I took of the products before I used them for my bath in the evening. Each one of these items makes for a very divine bath time treat.

ren skincare set

Not only do they smell magnificent but they are so luxurious. My skin has never felt so soft after a bath. I am a huge fan of a body oil and the Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil is unbelievably good. I love it! 

My skin was definitely hydrated and nourished by using this award winning set by Ren - a definite indulgent treat!

You will be pleased to know I have not taken a photo of myself in the bath, before or afterwards. I don't want to frighten you too much today.

There are so many other products I am keen to try from Bath & Unwind and will be treating myself to quite a few in the near future.

If someone doesn't know what to buy you for Christmas then point them towards Bath & Unwind website; you will be happy with all of the items from this great company.

Teresa x