Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sinner Thursdays - Fudgy Coconut Brownies

Sometimes, all you want is a rich, gooey, fudgy chocolate brownie.

You can bake and create all the wondrous creations you want, but nothing envelopes you in comfort like a brownie does.

To me, the perfect brownie should be slightly gooey, chocolately and oh-so-decadent. It shouldn't be tough, or cakey. It should simply melt-in-the-mouth.

Fudgy Coconut Brownies

These Fudgy Coconut Brownies - taken from BBC Good Food - are just that. Although they are easy to make and pretty much impossible to get wrong (they're even pretty cheap, thanks to the fact they use cocoa rather than dark chocolate in the mix), they are dense and gooey and soooo good.

Brownie recipes

I love the addition of coconut, which seems to lift these far beyond ordinary brownies - they may even compete with my previous favourites, Lorraine Pascale's Oreo Brownies (click here for the recipe).

Perfect with a cup of tea, I promise that you won't stop with just one of these delectable treats. You'll most definitely be going back for more and more and more...

Sam x


100g cocoa
250g butter
500g golden caster sugar
4 eggs, beaten
100g self-raising flour
100g desiccated coconut
icing sugar, to dust (optional)


1) Heat oven to 180C, then grease and line a Brownie tin. Tip the cocoa, butter and sugar into a  saucepan and gently melt, stirring to ensure it doesn't burn. Once melted and combined, cool slightly, then stir in the eggs, then the flour and coconut.

2) Pour into the tin and bake for 45 – cover with  baking parchment if the crust is browning too much after 30 minutes. Cool in the tin, then carefully lift out and cut into squares.

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