Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I Am Into THIS Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum

I have tried soooo many beauty products which promise to eradicate my black rings, crows feet and tired looking eyes, all to no avail. You name it, I have tried it.

Whether it be budget beauty or high end need-a-second-mortgage-to-buy products. Some have impressed me, such as Liz Earle's Eyebright soothing eye lotion which manages to disguise the fact I have big dark rings and will fool you into thinking I sleep like a baby most nights.

But many have failed and I kick myself for being duped by another beauty department shop assistant. I have found a lot of eye creams/gels/serums to be sticky; some have caused allergic reactions and some have done absolutely nothing at all.

However, now I have found an anti-wrinkle eye serum which does work. It does refresh, it does brighten and it does smooth out any creases. May I introduce you to 24 Karrot Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum by the Bakewell Soap Company.

anti wrinkle eye
Eye nutrition - £19.95

This eye serum seriously does reduce puffiness and improves the quality of delicate skin around your eye. It contains a nutritious blend of ingredients rich in Vitamin A, C D and E as well as essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. All of these nutrients penetrate the skin deep down to feed new cells as they divide in the basal layer of the epidermis providing them with the best possible start on their 4-6 week journey up to the outer layer.

The result is glowing, vibrant skin.

All you have to do is gently massage a tiny amount around your eye with your ring finger as part of night-time skincare routine.

Overnight this rich natural serum will get to work stimulating collagen production and smooth out all the unwanted lines and wrinkles. It is incredible. You may think £19.95 is quite pricey but one small pot will last for ages. You only need the tiniest amount to apply to each eye. I have been using this eye serum for a month now and the pot still looks as though I've not even used it yet. A little goes a long way!

Oh and it smells amazing! Packed with carrot seed oil, macerated carrot oil, rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil and flax seed oil: all of which are essential ingredients to improving the skin around your eyes. And we love a product which is parabens-free, SLS free, free from artificial colourants and free from synthetics.

I am jumping for joy that I have finally found a product which does exactly what it says on the packaging, it is anti-wrinkle and my eyes have never looked better. I am so pleased I was asked to review this beauty must-have, it will remain in my bedtime skincare routine for a very long time.

Teresa x