Thursday, 31 October 2013

Having my Cake and Eating It: Sexy Lingerie for Mamas-to-Be

I don't know about what other mamas-to-be think, but maternity lingerie is usually just so...UGH.

Worse than even your trustiest, most shapeless granny pants, maternity undies tend to be dull, ugly and pretty much sexless. Usually in some hideous shade of nude, they appear lifeless.

However, just because you're pregnant or nursing doesn't mean you want to stop being hot. You still want to look amazing, and you still want to feel sexy - and normal maternity undies just won't cut it.

Anyway, that's where Cake Lingerie comes in.

Full of beautiful, glamorous undies, this brand will transform mamas and mamas-to-be into the stunning vixens that they are. The bras and knicker sets are truly lovely and, while they are comfortable enough for all-day wear, they won't look out of place in the bedroom either...

Cake Lingerie packaging

When I first received my set (the Dark Chocolate) through the post, my first though was - "Oh YES." Beautifully packaged in a luxe, ribbon-tied box, you just know you're getting top quality stuff. Plus, what lay inside was undeniably sexy...

Cake Lingerie Dark Chocolate

I would share a snap of me in mine, but I suspect you'd rather see the gorgeous model. ;)

Cake Lingerie

I road tested these on date night with the hubby and, I have to say, they went down very well indeed. Perhaps it was just the confidence boost which came from ditching my old maternity undies, but I felt AMAZING. The set hugged and supported my new curves, boosted where I needed it, looked super chic and were also comfortable all night long.

These bras are fantastic quality and cling to your growing body perfectly. They also happen to wash brilliantly.

Mamas, I URGE you yo buy these. Need convincing? Check out these sexy pieces:

Cake Lingerie Turkish Delight

Cake Lingerie Sherbet

I also love the PJ sets - perfect for snuggling into on a cold and frosty night!

Cake Lingerie Apple Crumble

Go on, add a touch of glam to your lingerie drawer. You know you deserve it.

Sam x