Monday, 23 September 2013

Sam's BABY News

I wasn't intending to do a big announcement post.

In fact, I wasn't planning on telling at all.

But since I can never seem to keep my big mouth shut, and since you probably will notice when I start to look like a whale...well, I thought I may as well.

Yes, for those of you who may have guessed (the weeks of moaning about crippling exhaustion, and feeling so hungry I became The Hungry Caterpillar, were a dead giveaway), I am expecting baby Hadadi number two.

baby scan image

Oh yes! Call me crazy, but just 18 months after Zayn was born, little one number two will make their way into the world and complete our family. We are going to be finding out the gender in two weeks' time and I CANNOT WAIT.

samantha hadadi

Honestly, hubby and I are both absolutely thrilled to bits and, as sickening as it sounds, we simply could not be happier (or more insane). We always wanted two close together, and now we have our dream.

We will be finding out in a few weeks' time what sex we are having, so place your bets...

Sam x