Sunday, 29 September 2013

NOT INTO THIS - Being Out And About

1.   Using alcohol gels to disinfect your hands when you have the smallest paper cut, ouch it hurts.

2.   People coughing or sneezing without putting a hand to their mouth and spreading their germs.

3.   Washing your hands in public toilets to then find the hand drier isn't working. Ugh.

4.   Being in a wheelchair and realising you are at fart level. There's no way of avoiding the stench when sitting behind someone standing in a queue.

5.    Trying your hardest to key in your pin number when paying at the till and being paranoid that someone has seen your secretive four digit code.

6.   People who do not hold the door open for you. How rude? 

7.   When a group of people walk across the full width of the pavement and you are stuck behind them needing to be somewhere quickly. Move out of my way!

8.   Visiting a restaurant and there will be a person on a table nearby who chews their food with their mouth open. Yuck! If my child can eat with their mouth closed then why can't you??

9.   Queue jumpers. Cannot stand people who are not prepared to go to the back of the queue and wait like everyone else. What makes you think you are special? If you jump in my queue I will quickly point you to the back; where you belong.

10.  Rules were invented for us to live harmoniously together. So live by them! Don't assume it's okay to park in a disabled bay, don't spit on the floor, don't shout and swear when there are little ones around and don't take your children to school whilst still wearing your pyjamas and dressing gown. Lazy sods.