Saturday, 21 September 2013

Have A Crush On HUSH Homewear

Two weeks ago today I had one of the best days I have had in a long time all thanks to Hush. Every day I Am Into This receive a lot of emails from various companies and brands inviting us to go and visit them but we hardly attend the London events simply because we would never get much work done if we were away from IAIT HQ all the time. But when an email for Hush dropped in our inbox I was going to ensure I went no matter what.

You see, I had heard a lot of people big up Hush and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and my goodness I am now crushing on their delightful products too.

Hush is all about luxury homewear which is so comfortable it makes you want to snuggle up on the sofa with a good book, a hot cuppa and a nice big fat slice of cake. It is what every girl wants!

Luxury loungewear
Hush are renowned for their luxury nightwear you can see more of their collection here

Having to spend a day looking at every item in their new AW13 collection was an absolute dream; I oohed and ahhed over every cashmere jumper, silk shirt, trouser and skirt as well as the pretty jewellery and cool beanie hats.

I had to choose two outfits to share with you lovely lot and this was no easy task, I must have changed my mind several times because it was so difficult to pick just two outfits. I wanted it all! Luckily I was the last person to be photographed so after looking at what the other lovely ladies had chosen I thought I would choose something different to everyone else.

Now, one thing I do not own in my wardrobe is a skirt. Yep, I'm a tomboy through and through and I don't do skirts but on seeing the gorgeous tube skirt and mini silk skirt I just had to try them on. I quickly fell in love with both skirts so I knew I would be using them for my two styled outfits. I then had to decide on what tops to wear. Well, as soon as I saw a Hush cashmere jumper it was love at first sight, they are magnificent.

hush homewear, red jumper, tube skirt,
This was my first pick, a tube skirt styled with a large red cashmere jumper with contrast grey on the lower arm of the sleeves. You can see the sleeves better in the style board I have put together below.
Hush homewear
Red cashmere jumper with grey contrast sleeve, £150
Long tube skirt, £40
Studded wrap bracelet (comes in many other colours) £45
Woven back short heel boot in black, £230

red cashmere jumper, model with crutches,
And yes I rocked the look with my crutches

Choosing my second outfit was considerably more easy. I still wanted to stick with the theme of an oversized cashmere jumper, mainly because it looks ace with a skirt but also it covers all those lumps and bumps I don't want anyone seeing. And believe me I have one heck of a muffin top without even having to wear a pair of skinny jeans to create the big bulging effect. People never believe me I have a shelf of flab around my midriff but I'm an expert at hiding it.

oversized cashmere jumper, mini silk skirt
Now I know I am getting on a bit, ssshh I'm still 21 years of age, ok?
But I still wanted to wear a beanie hat, the brighter the better! 

blue beanie, blue ankle boots
Don't you just love the cosiness of the cashmere jumper? So luxurious and amazing to wear.

So, what do you think to my two style choices? I am still unsure which look I prefer the most, I adored wearing both outfits and thoroughly enjoyed having my photos taken even though I am very conscious of my recent weight gain.

Do go and take a look at Hush and indulge yourselves in their sumptuous designs. You will be bowled over with the quality and styles. I know I will be adding quite a few of the following Hush products to my Christmas list.

Hope you are spending your weekend relaxing.

Teresa xx