Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Happy Blogger In A Wheelchair

Hi everyone, I thought today I would give you a bit of an update. You see, I am rather happy at the moment. Yep what a complete contrast to last week. If you don't know what I am on about then you can read all about it here

disabled blogger, fashion wheelchair

I wanted to share with you how I am feeling now after writing that piece which was very personal to me and I have been overwhelmed by the reaction it received. The second my blogpost went live early that Saturday morning my phone did not stop vibrating all day with notifications of tweets, retweets, messages, emails, blog comments, Facebook messages and texts from friends. It was mental! 

Poor Sam had to cancel her plans that day because I simply could not manage the situation by myself. I manned my own Twitter account whilst Sam replied to everyone on I Am Into This account. We didn't stop all day until later in the afternoon. I don't think I have ever typed as much as I did that day trying to respond to every person. 

But….as much as I showed my appreciation for the kind comments none of them sank in, I could not take on board anything you lovely lot were telling me. I had suffered such a massive blow to my confidence after the awful incident that I couldn't believe what I was reading, in fact, I didn't believe anything of what you took the time to write until five days later.

Since hurting my back I have been receiving some very supportive messages from a wonderful lady called Sarah Watson. She has been emailing me sharing her story of what has happened to her and having someone who knows what you are going through really helps a lot when you are in an emotional blackhole. 

You see, the physical side of my current situation I have come to terms with but it's the emotional side I haven't. It's not easy losing your independence, your freedom to get up and go where you like when you like and it certainly isn't easy asking someone to help you for fear of getting on their nerves. 

Anyway, Sarah asked if she could ring me and we finally got to chat a few days ago. We were on the telephone for the best part of 90 minutes and I felt I had known Sarah all my life. She was so thoughtful, patient and kind. I told her I had found it difficult to accept any of the positive comments I had received from readers, tweeters and Facebookers and she soon helped me to accept them. I hadn't appreciated the fact that you wonderful people had taken the time to write to me, to want to share your thoughts and express your kindness. I hadn't appreciated that you wanted to write something at all. So I want to take this moment now to say a massive THANK YOU. I now do accept what you lovely lot wrote and I do accept your kindness and time spent in doing so. I guess I find it hard to take compliments when my confidence had took a bit of a beating. As Sarah said it's so easy to focus on the bad points and it takes a lot of compliments to cancel them out.

But onwards and upwards because this last week has been amazing. I have received the nicest emails from Elijah Choo (Founder of Bodhi beauty products). In fact, his wise words and warmheartedness made me cry (happy tears). For someone to write such a beautiful email it really knocked me for six and his honest affectionate words were a great inspiration to me. So thank you Elijah. You are a wonderful man.

fashion with crutches

I have since been asked to write a guest blogpost for Liberty London Girl, how cool is that? Very cool!!! I am going to be writing about being a temporary disabled blogger and I shall be sharing images of myself in a styled shoot with pics I took with Sam the other day in her back garden. I rocked it in my wheelchair and and strutted my stuff standing with crutches; best props I have ever used. It did take a long time to do the pics but we got there in the end after lots of breaks to rest. I hope when it goes live on LLG website you will pop over and take a look.

Last Saturday I had to travel to London by train and I am delighted to say how ace Virgin trains were. Network Rail and Virgin trains are often only criticised in media for their faults but I have nothing but praise for them. From Coventry to Euston and back again they looked after me so well. They had those motorised buggy things to transport me straight off train to the taxi rank ready waiting as soon as I arrived at each destination. It was lots of fun weaving through the crowds of people at the train station with my carer Lisa for the day; we had such a giggle. 

I cannot explain how fabulous they all were, such pleasant staff who helped me through every stage of my journey. A big gold star for Virgin trains and Network Rail

Now I am feeling a lot more positive and confident I think I am brave enough to share a pic with you. I have already uploaded a couple to Instagram but I thought I would put these ones on IAIT for you too.

Teresa xxx