Saturday, 7 September 2013

10 Things We Don't Like About Summer

I thought it was about time I did another Not Into This post for you lovely lot. It's been a while hasn't it?

Today's subject is what I don't like about summer, yes it may sound a crazy suggestion but there are quite a few reasons why I am glad to see the back of summer. I am sure you will be able to relate to some of them…...

1.   Tan lines are not a good look and there's nothing worse when you have a glamorous occasion to attend and you want to wear THAT dress but you have got strap marks on your shoulders. Oh and what about men with their visible t-shirt lines? Ha, they look the funniest on the beach.

2.   I am a big advocate for applying sun tan lotion, you've got to protect your skin and not look like a fried saveloy. Yes people really do go that awful colour. Anyway, don't you just hate it when a suncream stains your clothing; nothing worse than wrecking your favourite summer dress.

3.   Summer can bring out some strange behaviours, notably the people who feel it's okay to enter a shop without a top on. Please cover yourselves up. I don't want to see your spotty back whilst I'm perusing the yoghurts in the supermarket.

4.   Us ladies love to look nice but my goodness do you know how much effort and time this takes? Keeping our legs silky smooth, a flawless skin colour, a tousled beach babe hairstyle, perfectly polished toes, no hard skin on our feet…..the list goes on. We love our winter when we get to put our legs and feet into hibernation.

5.   The dreaded bingo wings are a big problem for many of us ladies and knowing we have to flap our arms about with no sleeves to hide them under is quite a concern. Anyone else hold their upper arm underneath with their hand to avoid anyone noticing your bingo wings flapping about when waving your arm?

6.   I don't know if I am the only one who suffers in the sunshine but I hate getting hot. I seem to overheat. I drink gallons of water and will waft anything which can create a fan effect to my face. I don't know how people who work outside in a heatwave cope. And football mascots I take my hat off to you!

7.   The endless pics of peoples' mojitos in the sunshine or worse the photo of people lying down and taking a shot from their sun lounger on the beach. The obligatory toes appear in the bottom of the image. Why do they do it? To make people jealous? We all get to enjoy the sunshine, you're not the only one.

8.   People who do countdowns to their summer holidays so publicly on Twitter and/or Facebook. Why do you advertise your home is going to be available for burgling whilst you're away?

9.   We all love a summer holiday but the packing before and the unpacking after is unbearable. You go on holiday to relax and enjoy yourselves but as soon as you arrive home you have five loads of washing and drying to do, ugh!

10.  People who moan about the colder weather returning. What's wrong with autumn or winter? I love it. I love the colourful leaves, I love the snow, I love snuggling up on the sofa in the comfort of my warm home with a cuppa. I love the winter fashions, coats and boots are my favourite wardrobe pieces. I love the sound of the rain whilst I'm safely dry indoors. I love the fact I don't HAVE to shave my legs everyday.


Who's with me on this? Autumn is ace.

Teresa x