Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Alex Talks Irony

It is my pleasure to share with you lovely lot another blogpost from our fab guest writer, Alex Bifulco. It is so generous for her to write us a few words when the lady is incredibly busy. Today, she is discussing irony; oh we do love a bit of tongue in cheek.

Teresa x


I've been laughing to myself for a while now how full of irony this life we lead is.

It's like the man upstairs is having a good giggle as he plays his game of Planet Earth on the big Xbox in the sky.

So, without meaning to sound like Alanis Morrissette, here are a few of my favourites. I'm sure you could add more!

Child birth and 'that time of the month' - whatever you like to call them - visit from the stork, red letter day, getting the decorators in - they are the most natural things in the world and all necessary to keep our race from becoming extinct. So why do they have to hurt so much?

Why does that time of the month wait for holidays, weddings and parties and become that time of the fortnight - seriously?

Men and women - I cannot for the life of me understand men. In fact I could be convinced that men are actually a completely different species altogether. So why do we have to team up with them to keep our race going?

Chocolate - sooooo good yet soooo bad. Say no more.

Sleep - Why am I wide awake writing this blogpost at 0430 when my baby boys are asleep, when I so desperately need some sleep!

Then, just as I'm falling asleep, they are wide awake and it's time to start the day... Matchsticks for the eyelids anyone?

Allergies to pets - I love cats and dogs. So do my children. But for some reason my body has decided to go into complete melt down every time I'm near them. Sorry boys, no puppies or kittens for you :-(

Summer time - for five minutes we get to bask in the glorious british summer. Shame the mosquitoes and wasps have the same idea.

And going slightly darker...

Why is it the ones you love and trust the most can hurt you the most too?

Why do you always want what you can't have and then when you've got it you're not so sure why you wanted it so much in the first place?

Why are the bad boys so exciting but so completely wrong for you?

And finally lightening the mood again...

Why, when I drop a pen on the decking outside can you guarantee it WILL go down the hole? But if I was trying to throw something down there it would take several goes?

Buttered toast... Which side do you reckon it's going to land on?

Please feel free to add your own, I'm sure there are many, many more!

Alex x