Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Taking a Break...

Good morning my lovelies!

Just a quick update to let you know that, this week, both Teresa and I are taking a break. I am currently in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall (absolute bliss!), but poor T was admitted to hospital at the weekend with crippling back pains.

She is OK, but obviously needs her rest, so please send plenty of love and well wishes her way!

So, while you will be getting plenty of fabulous posts while we are away, there will be some days (like today!) where we aren't around to update you with all things wonderful.

Why not read some of our most popular posts from this week instead?

We had a moan on Saturday with our Not Into This post - quite a few of you agreed with our little rant on 10 Things We Don't Like About Facebook.

Our latest discovery is the brilliant After Noah's Lustworthy Vintage Furniture - will you be ordering one of their neon kitchen stools too? Join us in the queue!

Then, yesterday, we fell for these Flamingo prints on Coulson Macleod. You know we can't resist a flamingo print!

Talking of irresistible things, we got baking these Healthy (REALLY!) Peanut Butter Cups. Go on, you need to make them now...

We will be back tomorrow and on Friday with plenty more goodies! Chocoholics, stay tuned for some scrumptious Dark Chocolate Brownie cookies tomorrow...

Sam and teresa x