Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Beauty Fix - Caudalie's Beauty Elixir

While I love blue skies and scorching sun as much as anyone other girl, I hate the effect it has on my skin.

This week, I’ve been soaking the sun up as much as I can (In lieu of a beach, I’ve actually taken to stealing my son’s paddling pool) as, let’s face it, we don’t see nearly enough of it these days...

However, by midday, my face has become something of a skin minefield.

What’s left of my make-up has usually slid southwards, practically onto my chest. Meanwhile, my forehead and nose morph into something that resembles an oil slick and I get nasty little dry patches elsewhere.

I’m not painting a very glamorous picture, am I?

Caudalie's Beauty Elixir

If, like me, your skin suffers with the heat, then I command you to go and buy this incredible Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray right now. Honestly, go do it!

Coming in a gorgeous frosted bottle, this little facial mist is an instant miracle worker and refresher (even the scent - a light minty smell - is instantly invigorating).

Beloved by Victoria Beckham among many others, it works as a beauty water, toner and make-up refresher all rolled into one and works to tighten pores, as well as brightening and revitalising the skin.

While I don’t think that this has made much of a difference to my pores (and it is far more expensive than other, similar products on the market) it has become an instant must-have during this weather. It peps up my skin and leaves an instant radiance and glow, all while cooling me down a treat.

It does a fantastic job of refreshing sliding make-up which, to me, is worth the money alone.

Need more convincing? Selfridges sell it in a nifty 30ml handbag size - just pop it in and off you go!

The full size version costs £32 and is available to buy from here.

Sam x