Thursday, 25 July 2013

Love Moi Boutique Jewellery

Every girl loves her sparkles and getting dressed up - who doesn't love rocking a chic cocktail dress with killer heels and statement accessories - but, day-to-day, this look doesn't quite work.
So, what to do with my box of stunning accessories? I can't have them sitting around all day, gathering dust! And there's only so long I can hang my necklaces lovingly from picture frames or the end of my bed.

My favourite look at the moment is pairing relaxed denim with supersized jewels for an irreverently chic finish. Better still if you work them with a plain vest or tee - I'm just not a girl who's big on detail. I like to keep things simple.

I've been rocking this look with my favourite new jewellery from online boutique Love Moi, who quite honestly have more gorgeous jewels than you can shake a stick at.

The fabulous Mariah statement necklace adds instant va-va-voom to my most boring of outfits, bringing them bang up-to-date. Actually, I received so many compliments when I first wore this little beauty that I actually think it needs its own publicity team!

Just incase you haven't had your share of fab jewels lately, here are some of our top picks on the website.

What will you be ordering?

Sam x

Love Moi Boutique