Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Coulson Macleod's Flamingo Fancies

If you don't know about our flamingo obsession by now, then where have you been hiding?

We have dedicated numerous posts to our long-legged friends, while we have also got a whole Pinterest board on our flamingo fancies. Teresa even bought me a flamingo mug for Christmas.

I had always assumed that we loved Flamingos because of their gorgeous neon feathers. Yet I think we may have to reconsider.

You see, I have fallen in love with these beautiful, pared-back flamingo prints from Coulson Macleod. Coming in an array of colours, these prints are wonderfully quirky, yet very very simple. They would brighten up any wall of your home and, better yet, you can pretty much pick the colour you want!

Costing from £15 - or for £75 for the wooden version - you could even dot them about all over your house so you have a stand or flamboyance (I love that this is the name for a group of the birds!) of flamingos. 

If flamingos aren't your thing (in which case, are you MAD?), you can even go for a different print. We especially love the giraffe and penguin versions - super cute!

You can read more about Coulson Macleod's designs here.

Which print will you be going for?

Sam x