Monday, 1 July 2013

AfterNoah's Lustworthy Vintage Furniture

Here at IAIT, we love the wonderfully weird and the beautifully unique. Nothing pleases us more than discovering shops or websites jam-packed with lustworthy, original items, trinkets and bits and bobs.

Of course, we also like to share, which is why we are bringing our latest obsession today you today.

Step forward the amazing After Noah website, which my mum's friend stumbled across and I promptly fell in love with.

How she accidentally discovered it, I'm not sure, but anyway, I'm glad she found it as it is teaming with eclectic homeware, gorgeous restored furniture and plenty of retro games and toys to keep little 'uns (or oversized little 'uns) happy.

Honestly, After Noah is a real treasure trove of finds, and I urge you to pour yourself a cuppa and go have a browse. Each and every piece of homeware they sell is guaranteed to be a real stand-out feature, a talking point in your home.

My faves include the neon stools (I never knew that I needed a highlighter metal stool, but I do. I just do), the fantastic purple and pink lined book shelves and the concierge desk, a 'must' for my writing room (aka the conservatory).

Which items are you lusting after?

Sam x

Metal Cafe Chairs, £99
Milk bottle clock, £36
Neon French stool, £98

Campagne cabinet with fold-down desk, £750

Paris pendant light, £52

Sloping open shelving, £599
Ritz concierge desk, £492
Aviator Aluminium chair, £1,495
Diner style telephone, £69.95
London Underground tray, £19.99
Painted side table, £175
Alice in Wonderland notecard set, £9.99