Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Top Summer Beauty Essentials

Do you ever think of changing what you have got on your bathroom shelves or in your make-up bag when the summer arrives? Not many of us ladies give it much thought. Although we probably make our own little changes, for instance, I will not wear foundation during summer. I don't want anything heavy sitting on my skin when I'm feeling….well….a  bit sweaty.

Of course, if we had an endless supply of money - I really wish my local garden centre sold money trees - then we could declutter our winter beauty products and buy ourselves all the summer essentials.

I have put together the top beauty essentials to ensure you are a beach babe goddess for your holidays.



One thing I always like to invest in is a good bronzer and the NARS bronzer above has received rave reviews and it's at the top of my summer beauty shopping list. And I am eyeing up the Butter London nail polish too.

What's on your summer beauty shopping list?

Teresa x