Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Saintly Tuesdays - UpRaw Bars

As a fitness junkie and a little bit (OK, a lot) of a greedy guts, I am always on the hunt for healthy snacks to power me through my day.

Until recently, I had always topped up with handfuls of nuts and seeds, homemade protein bars, shakes or nut butters, but then came my coconut obsession...

After testing the remarkable coconut oil, I suddenly wanted coconut EVERYTHING. Coconut oil was stirred into my morning coffee, desiccated coconut topped my porridge, coconut milk found its way into my homemade curries, and I have even taken to topping my favourite Brownies with a thick layer of coconut cream.

Anyway, my latest (and favourite) coconutty find is the amazing high-protein UpRaw bars. Using only the healthiest, most wholesome ingredients possible (you will recognise every single one - how rare is that?), UpRaw bars are a delicious energy boost which athletes and trainers swear by. Not only will they fuel you to go longer, but they will also make you a faster, better version of yourself.

The bars themselves are deliciously fresh and made in batches, which I love. They have a wonderful nutty taste with subtle chocolatey hints, while the desiccated coconut topping adds a lovely sweetness to the bar. Sweet, but not too sweet!

Containing only a handful of natural ingredients, including walnuts, whey protein, honey, cocoa powder and a blend of spices, the UpRaw bars are a brilliant way of topping up your protein without any of the nasties many bars contain. The nutritional info also reads pretty well: 202.5 cals per bar, an impressive 10.55g carbs, of which only 4.7g are sugars, 13g of protein and 11.2g of healthy, nutritious fats.

However, I think I love the ethos and the brand's talented founder, Sol Fernandez, every bit as much as I love their tasty, nutritious snacks. Sol - an avid climber and self-confessed foodie - dreamt up UpRaw when he and his climbing partner ran out of food on an epic 44-hour alpine climb, and is an inspiration to any fitness freak like myself.

He's also promised to take me on a climbing session one day, so watch this space...!

Sam x