Sunday, 16 June 2013

Remembering A Special Dad On Father's Day

As many of us are popping to our parent's house today to give our Dad their card and gift there are some dads who are no longer here and I know one dad who is incredibly special.

My Mum's Dad, my Grandad, Mr George Horton.


You see my Grandad was an extraordinary man who sadly passed away 4 and a half years ago, he was taken after a long battle with cancer.

I want to remember my Grandad today because he was a man who I really admired. I never knew anyone as dignified in death as my Grandad was even after it had taken away his health his vibrant personality still shone through.

My Grandad was the funniest man I have ever known. I spent many times during summer holidays chuckling and I always wanted to be like him. He was my role model. He was always smiling, always kind, warm, generous and devoted to his family.

His hugs were the best.

His knowledge was astounding and before the secondary cancer took a hold of my Grandad he was about to embark on going to college and learn how to use the internet. At 86 years of age he liked to keep up to date with all aspects of life. He had a passion for life which was replicated in his marriage to my Grandma.

So, today I shall be remembering my Grandad and all the times spent together we enjoyed. He was my childhood hero.

Teresa x