Thursday, 20 June 2013

Products We LOVE - Reiss' Luxe Bags

Like many women, Teresa and I have a real thing for bags.

In fact, on our first shopping trip together, we spent hours perusing the handbag section in Selfridges, stroking each one as if they were old loves. I may have also talked her into buying a Mulberry bag (I'm good at that), but that's another story...

I am a firm believer that a good bag is well worth the investment. If you buy a top quality leather handbag, I guarantee that they will last the distance and, yes, they really do go with everything. This isn't just a ready-made excuse I have for my husband...

When I spied a gorgeous white Reiss Sal handbag while shopping with my mum, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. I had been convinced that it was a designer number!

Sleek, sexy, classic and clean, this Sal bag will look beautiful on any arm. I'm thinking it would make the perfect arm candy for a floral summer dress, teamed with glamorous cat eye sunnies. Better yet, it's on sale here. Hoorah!

Anyway, I quickly moved onto drooling over every other one of Reiss' handbags. How beautiful are these? And, bonus, most of them are in the sale too.

Reiss' Luxe Bags

Failing that, perhaps I can go for the Mulberry Willow? You know, cost-per-wear it's only, like, 1p a go...

Sam x