Monday, 10 June 2013

Packing a Punch With GAP's Neon Flats

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Teresa and I were obsessed with neon, and you'd probably be right. It really doesn't matter to us whether it's fuchsia, highlighter yellow or tangerine - we just love the pop of colour and instant lift these colours lend to an outfit.

However, since we hail from a small Leicestershire town which isn't exactly renowned for its fashion ways, we can't quite pull off traffic-stopping fluoro jeans.

Instead, we add neon accessories to our outfits, and we just love these beautiful neon perforated flats at GAP. Coming in three different colours - pink, yellow and orange - and priced at just £34.99, we will be ordering every single pair.

Forget putting a spring in your step, these beauties will bring summer to your feet.

Which colour will you go for?

Sam x