Saturday, 15 June 2013

NOT INTO THIS - Una Brennan's Superfacialist Neroli Face Mask

I cannot say I normally share a bad review but in the interest of preventing anyone from buying this product then I feel it is necessary to do so.

You may recall I gave a glowing review of Una Brennan's Superfacialist Rose Radiance Day Cream a while ago. I don't write beauty reviews halfheartedly, I only write them when I really believe in a product and I still stand by my review on that day.

Alarmingly, there is a product in the same collection also sold at Boots*, the Neroli Lifting Treatment Face Mask. I was excited about trying this face mask after the fab results I had had with the radiance day cream. But unfortunately it did not go very well, at all.

neroli lifting treatment mask

I suffered a severe reaction and it would seem I am not the only one. Just a quick search on Twitter and you will hear a lot of other beauty bloggers voicing their concerns after encountering the same reaction too. Like myself, they do not have sensitive skin and nor have they ever had a reaction to a beauty product before.

Here's a link to just two of the many other blogposts about this product  - Bright Town Girl's blogpost and Buckingham Alice's blogpost

It does make me wonder if there are so many beauty bloggers suffering awful reactions to the Neroli Lifting Treatment Face Mask then how many other customers at Boots have suffered too?

Over a month ago I encountered a very severe reaction to this face mask and I only applied it for two minutes before it was burning my face. If I had left it on for the recommended 15 minutes I cannot imagine what could have happened.

If it was not for my quick thinking to immediately remove the mask, immerse my face at regular intervals in ice cold water to alleviate the burning, take an antihistamine tablet I would not like to think what damage this harmful product could have done.

I did take a photo of my face at the time of the skin reaction however I really am not brave enough to share that with you today - it will frighten you. Just imagine how your face would look after shoving it in front of one of them silly face tanning lamps for twelve hours. Badly burnt.

I was in utter despair as my face was burning, the pain was no different to when you burn your hand when cooking. I had to keep applying cold water until the burning eventually subsided over an hour later. My husband rushed to the chemist to purchase some cream specifically designed for burns which I slathered on once I no longer needed to keep my face in cold water.

My face remained slightly swollen, bright red and painful for almost three hours.

The reason why I feel I should write about this is because I was unable to sought appropriate advice when the severe reaction occurred. I searched the product for a helpline phone number, nothing. I searched the product for a Warning or In Case Of Allergic Reaction advice, nothing. I then went on their website, nothing.

I emailed the company Brand Architekts who own Superfacialist asking for advice as to what I should do and eventually I received a reply. They did not give me any advice in how to treat the severe reaction.

Not good eh?

Teresa x

* This product is no longer listed on their website so maybe it has been taken off their shelves.