Saturday, 8 June 2013

NOT Into This - 10 Things We Hate About Housework

Hello there! It has been a while since I have written a NOT into this post, so I thought it is about time I  share with you our latest top ten gripes.

1.   One job I hate having to carry out is emptying my vacuum cleaner into the dustbin. I seem to always end up wearing some of it over my arms and inhaling most of the cloud of dust.

2.   Ironing. But more specifically, little flimsy tops which have an elaborate fold or frills. Something so intricate should be made out of fabric which never needs ironing. Plus the fact, after the many minutes it took to iron your little top it hardly makes a dent in your ironing pile.

3.   I do love to have nice clean windows, but to maintain my sparkling panes of glass I have to clean my living room windows daily. Why? Because I have a cat called Luca who sits on the window ledge (inside and outside) and rubs his wet nose across the glass for most part of the day.

4.   I don't know how people coped before dishwashers were invented. I hate having to wash my pots and pans in the kitchen sink. The one thing I dislike the most is when people put plates which still have remnants of their meal stuck to them into your lovely sink of Fairy liquid bubbled water. I cannot wash up if even if there is the tiniest piece of food floating around. 

5.   Dirty toilets. There is no excuse. Bleach. Toilet duck. Parozone. Whatever you need, stick it down your pan please. 

6.   All those masses of picture frames, vases and little knick-knacks seemed a great idea when I bought them to make my home look pretty but when it comes to dusting and cleaning them all - grrrr.

7.   One of our biggest annoyances has got to be when you hang your washing outside. Give it a few minutes and the heavens will open. So you run outside, unpeg every item and rush back indoors for it to stop raining seconds later.

8.   Who added all those extra buttons to washing machines and tumble dryers? It all gets very complicating trying to understand them all. I only use two settings on my washing machine and one on my tumble dryer. 

9.   You know that moment when you have mopped your tiled floors and then your child/husband walks straight over it with their muddy shoes? Yeah that.

10.  Washing lines, how awkward are they to put up? I can do a great Basil Fawlty impression when trying to carry out this horrid task.

broken washing line

How many of you have ended up with a near broken washing line?

Lots of other household chores we hate carrying out, what's your least favourite?

Teresa x