Monday, 3 June 2013

Making Charity Stylish - Sevenly T-Shirts

Ladies, I want to introduce you to my latest addiction, the fantastic Sevenly.

Incase you haven't already spied one of their many stylish t-shirts on Pinterest, Sevenly is a charity with a difference. You see, not only do they help hundreds of worthwhile causes, but they also manage to make charity t-shirts which are completely and utterly desirable.

Every week, Sevenly picks a new cause (this week's is helping children with autism) and designs a range of men's, women's and kid's t-shirts, as well as accessories, inspired by that cause. Each time someone purchases an item from that range, $7 gets donated to the chosen charity.

As a new mummy, I knew that I wanted to make a donation when I read that Sevenly were helping CURE International, a charity which funds surgery for physically disabled children across the world.

Straight away, I placed an order for a t-shirt, which helped to fund life-saving surgery for a baby with Hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain", in Uganda. Isn't that amazing? Apparently, my one $24 t-shirts (about £15) helped to save the life of an infant.

It took less than 10 days for my t-shirt to be delivered (pretty amazing considering it had to be made, and then came all the way from the US!) and I was so impressed with the quality when it did arrive.

sevenly t-shirt

Not only was my t-shirt pretty darn fashionable, but it was also surprisingly good quality, soft and fit me very well. I ordered the smallest size as I like my tops to be fitted (else I end up looking like a sack of spuds!), but they look fab oversized too.

I also one the eye-catching slogan, "We Can Change Lives."

So, I got a brand new t-shirt and saved a life. That's a pretty good deal, huh? I've also been inspired to go on helping CURE, a charity which, until now, I had never heard of.

If you haven't already, please please get onboard and help support Sevenly. So far, this fantastic charity has raised over $2 million dollars for various causes - wouldn't it be amazing if we could help them to make the next $2 million?

Go on, get giving.

Sam x