Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Falling Asleep With Bodhi's Jasmine Falls

Since becoming a mum, I have had real trouble with staying asleep. Every night without fail, I wake up at 2am, then 3am and, finally, 4am, by which point my body gives in and I lie there not-so bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

On Saturday mornings, it has been so bad that I have even been known to wander downstairs at 4.30am and get baking. By the time my hubby wakes and comes downstairs with baby, our kitchen is like a bakery - warm cookies, iced cakes and fresh breads line the island.

After hearing of my problems, the wonderful Elijah Choo, founder of one of our favourite beauty brands Bodhi, stepped in to help. Like me, Elijah thinks that my sleep issues are deep-rooted in becoming a mum: we are always on "high alert", always thinking, never switching off.

Thankfully, Elijah offered to send me Bodhi's wonderful Jasmine Falls Relaxing gift set, which he promised would help me to de-stress, as well as soothing my mind and promoting a sense of well-being.

Utter bliss.

The set arrived looking beautiful as ever, given Elijah's immaculate attention to detail. It included the Jasmine Falls bath and shower therapy, as well as the body moisturiser, and after a quick sniff of both, I was desperate for bedtime.

Given how potent it is, the Jasmine Falls Bath and Shower Therapy is recommended for use before bedtime. Combining the intense, calming aromas of Jasmine Absolute, Lavender and Vetyver, this is powerful stuff and I only needed to use a small squirt to fill my entire bathroom with a heavenly fragrance.

As I slipped into the bath, I felt instantly soothed and I could feel my mind slowly slipping away, leaving my day behind. In fact, I felt so relaxed that I was positively serene as I stepped out of the bath. I felt calm, and I definitely felt de-stressed.

When I combined the Jasmine Falls bath oil with the  body moisturiser, I genuinely slipped off into the deepest, most peaceful sleep I have had in months. I didn't wake once - a brass band could have stood playing beneath my window, and I doubt I'd have noticed. Hell, Johnny Depp could have been in my bed for all I knew - nothing was waking me!

As with all Bodhi products, the Jasmine Falls beauties use only the finest, most natural oils. Elijah , who runs the brand, really has the most incredible ethos and knowledge, and every last detail is thought of in his products.

I also gave it to my mum (also a serial non-sleeper) to try, and she found it a miracle worker too, reporting that it sent her into a deep, deep sleep.

Every Bodhi product I try, I fall more and more under the brand's magical spell. They are incredibly effective at what they do, and I could not recommend them highly enough. Struggle with sleep? Give this a go, and set your mind at ease...

The Jasmine Falls Gift Set costs £45 and is available to buy through Bodhi here. 

Sam x