Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Brides on a Budget - ASOS' Limited Edition Accessories

Now, it's not very often that I do wedding posts. As you all probably know by now, Teresa is the Queen of weddings - what she doesn't know about 'em is most definitely not worth knowing.

However, when I was browsing ASOS last week, my heart skipped a beat. Sitting prettily among the "new in" accessories were these elegant Limited Edition hair accessories and jewellery.

I particularly love the Gatsby-esque hair pieces, featuring delicate detailing and enough sparkle to make any magpie happy - I think they're Bohemian and Art Deco all at once. Better yet, everything is below £15!

These accessories are perfect for brides on a budget. In fact, they look so expensive that I think they're perfect whatever your budget.

Now, if only I can persuade hubby to renew our vows...

Sam x


Clockwise, from top left:


Clockwise, from top left