Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Month in the Life of I Am Into This

When we finally added our "about us" page, the response from you guys was overwhelming. While we'd have happily covered our heads with paper bags for the rest of our blogging days, it seemed you liked being able to see just who was behind IAIT.

So, since you strange lot actually want to see us (who'd have thought it?!), each month, we are going to shove aside our camera-shy ways and share with you some of our private snaps.

Here is our May in photos. It is every bit as random as our real lives!


Sam and Teresa x


You can tell my life revolves around babies and food. Here's the pics I've been taking in May...

Taking pics for our "about us" page took forever. First, we had to grow up...
i am into this

teresa and samantha

Go on, just try and resist me.

hattie cockapoo

Behind every baby, there's an evil daddy who wants to make him look like a pineapple.

zayn baby

Being a mum ROCKS.

samantha hadadi, mum,

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

fried egg

HELLO Curly Whirly pie! (Recipe coming soon...)

curly wurly pie

I finally, finally got my mitts on Butterbeer. I wish they sold this down my local.


The Sorting Hat tried to place me in Slytherin. I refused.

slytherin, hat,

Teaching Zayn how to blog already. He's IAIT's biggest fan.

zayn, blogger

My hubby's EIGHT layer birthday cake extravaganza. We have marshmallow frosting, chocolate frosting, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, Oreo truffle. You name it, it's in there...

birthday cake

birthday cake, oreo, chocolate

This M&S shirt will be mine...

marks spencer shirt

While I love to bake...

peanut butter, chocolate, pretzels

...the state of my kitchen afterwards shows I'm no Nigella.

kitchen, messy

We like to make the most of the sun. It doesn't last.

sunshine, garden


I LOVE afternoon teas.

afternoon tea

This was our view from the fabulous Bodhi Spa Soiree evening. We got pampered, a lot.

bodhi spa soiree

This is what happens when you give babies the spoon. Never again.

baby spoon

Trying on a dress, chosen by Teresa for a summer wedding post here, to wear to my goddaughter's christening today. Love it!


You would never know that Teddy (dog on the left) was a very shy and nervous puppy when we collected him from the rescue centre 10 weeks ago. Well, look at him now!

teddy, dog, teresa
Teddy (bearded collie cross with poodle), Woody (schnauzer) and my eldest son Charlie.

I spied this sexy Carmen Ghia. Me and Sam would look so cool driving around in this, right?

carmen ghia

I like to be stupid as often as possible.

Jumping for joy on a recent trip to York

It is always nice to get a thank you

magpie miller

My most recent purchase, new sunglasses.

marc jacobs, sunglasses

My husband makes me giggle, a lot.

romantic text

I have had a lot of fun with this little man, William (my friend Alex's son).


I bought these sandals for Olivia. I am very fortunate that she is also a size 6 so I may borrow them.

fluoro sandals

This is what Teddy does most mornings...

teddy, puppy

We were featured in our local newspaper and it did make me chuckle when I noticed we were placed above an advertisement for irritable bowel syndrome.