Saturday, 29 June 2013

10 Things We Don't Like About Facebook

If you don't know by now (where have you been) we like to even things up here at I Am Into This by sharing all the things we are NOT into with our readers. This week we are going to talk about the social media site that most of us log into at least once a week.

It's pretty fair to say that most of us have got a Facebook account and share some of our beloved pictures, innermost thoughts and delights with our circle of friends. But, there are times when we can find the dreaded site rather annoying.

Here's a list of our Top 10 grievances with Facebook:

1.   Cannot stand to receive requests to play Candy Crush Saga. I don't know what this game is about and I don't want to know either. If I really wanted to play it I would download the app. Your requests are not going to make me change my mind.

2.   Status updates about the glowing report you have had for your child's parents' evening or school reports. It is nice you are proud of your children but when you scroll through a newsfeed with an endless list of how amazing your child is at school it can become somewhat annoying.

3.   Photos of what you are about to eat. What's the point?

4.   Bragging. We all have a friend on Facebook who seems to brag at any given opportunity whether it be about their new car, their incredible careers or what holiday they have booked. To be constantly updating your friends with narcissistic crap makes us start to question what type of person you are.

5.   People who comment or update friends in a language I deem fairly impossible to understand. It takes text speak to a whole new level, "n e 1" could be a postcode for all I know.

6.   Love to see your holiday snaps but 681 of them is a tad too much.

7.   Sometimes it can be a bit entertaining but to be honest, sharing your love life woes isn't for public viewing on Facebook. Even worse when you row with each other too.

8.   I refuse to use the expression "LOL" and it seems to be a statement many use for every comment they ever put on Facebook. Just been to Tesco lol??? What is so funny about that?

9.   It seems the younger folk of Facebook do this status thing of "Like for a rate" WHY?!?!?

10.  And my least favourite status update is when people put "Bored!" Have they never heard of the saying 'only boring people get bored'? If I am feeling a bit fed up I get up off my arse and do something.

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