Saturday, 4 May 2013

NOT Into This - Driving Me Mad

I am not one for road rage, although I have probably used a few expletives throughout my 14 years of driving on the UK highways. But some things really do get on my nerves about other drivers so I thought lets air my grievances on here for this week's NOT Into This post.

It is going to be difficult to limit this to ten points, I am sure you can think of many more, let me know what gets your seatbelt in a twist.

1.   Middle laners, you know who you are! There are three lanes on a motorway, two of them are there to be used for overtaking. So why do some folk sit in the middle lane in their little bubbles oblivious to the mayhem they cause other motorway users?

2.   Mirrors. You should have three of them in your car, yet you fail to use your wing mirrors when parking or manoeuvring which means you usually make a pig's ear of things.

3.   How come some people forget that they were once learner drivers? You remember having to stick to the speed limit, nervous about other road users as well as trying to change gears smoothly. So why on earth since you passed your test do you find it acceptable to overtake a learner driver; sit right up the backside of a learner driver, or worse, beep your horn in anger at them? Mindless cretins.

4.   Male drivers (usually in vans) who ogle us ladies whether we are pedestrians or sat in a vehicle next to them at the traffic lights. Men please fix your eyes on the road, thank you.

5.   People who throw litter out of their car windows, you scumbags! It's not as if you cannot wait until you get home to put your rubbish in the bin or if you are really that desperate then find a bin at the roadside.

6.   The one thing that infuriates me more than anything is people who do not ensure their children are safe in the back of the car. We have all seen a car with small children jumping up and down or standing up in the back. Why do these adults think it is acceptable to not ensure the safety of their child? The mind boggles.

7.   I cannot understand people (well, men actually) who have their seat reclined so far back that they are practically lying down and somehow managing to drive at the same time. Do they have extra long legs to reach the pedals? And how do they look above the dashboard to see where they are going? Horizontal hooligans!

8.   Who are the losers who pull out and then proceed to travel at a ridiculously slow speed in front of you?

9.   People who drive around supermarket car parks thinking they are at Silverstone. Knobheads.

10.  Those cheeky monkeys at temporary traffic lights who keep on coming through when their light will have turned to red and you are on green still waiting to go.