Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Heaven Scent Luxury Skincare From Bodhi

Samantha and myself were incredibly fortunate to attend the Bodhi Spa Soiree last Thursday evening in Birmingham. We were counting down the days on our calendar because we knew it was going to be a heavenly experience and we were soooo excited to finally meet Mr Elijah Choo (Founder of Bodhi).

We are massive fans of Bodhi because, unlike most other skincare products, every item from Bodhi is free from petrochemicals, parabens, silicone, carbomer, acrylic-polymers and do not contain any synthetic colours or fragrances and animal ingredients. It can only be described as pure and honest skincare.

I was so determined I would be attending this luxurious event, even when I had been told by my doctor to rest my foot after a running accident. I wore some flat boots, necked some painkillers and hobbled the very short distance from the train station. The complimentary champagne helped too.

As we arrived we were warmly welcomed but also immediately drifting around like the Bisto kid when we smelt the Bodhi aroma as we entered the room. Heaven! We were also given a personally-designed tea to complement the Bodhi treatment we were about to receive. Every attention to detail had been thought of and it was the beginning of a delightful experience.

Bodhi Spa Soirée

I received a very relaxing massage by Jessica from Spoilt Face (the loveliest lady you will ever meet) using one of the two new body treatment products to the Artisan Series: Flora Paradiso De-stress Massage. A fruity floral with a sensual ambered base, this oil conjures up temple flower ceremonies, mandi baths and rich Indonesian woods. And my goodness did I unwind. I slept like a baby that night and the following morning did not even want to take a shower because I could still smell the beautiful aroma of Flora Paradiso.

flora paradiso, bodhi
Flora Paradiso de-stress massage and body oil, £38

I am sure you have had a massage before, but, as with most massages when you leave the room you are left with a greasy oily back. That was until I had a Flora Paradiso massage at the Bodhi spa soiree. One thing Elijah ensures with all of his products is that they are perfect. He will not compromise on ingredients, texture or quality.

Bodhi Spa Soirée
Kevin Breese from Dolce & Gabbana receiving the VIP treatment from Elijah Choo.

We were lucky enough to try out some of the other new products being added to the Bodhi range. Our favourite (and everybody else's favourite too) was another item from the Artisan series - Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub. I cannot put into words how frickin' amazing this stuff is. It is luxurious, enhancing, uplifting, indulgent, unique, nourishing, intoxicating and ruddy amazing!

I am starting to wonder if Elijah knows exactly what paradise is because his Bodhi skincare products are the nearest you will get to it.We saw two gentlemen have the scrub applied to the back of one of their hands, the Rosemary Chi scrub was massaged in, rinsed and then the hand was patted dry with a towel.

harvey, bodhi
Elijah massaging the Rosemary Chi salt scrub into Harvey's hand

The difference it made to these men's hands was unbelievable and it was not a momentary scented softness; the scrub had worked some magic making the hand appear younger, softer and dare I say it, but glowing; the effect lasted all evening.

Samantha and myself were astounded and we cannot wait to use the Rosemary Chi scrub (to be released this June) on our legs ready for our holidays. We WILL have the silkiest legs now we have got a pot of guaranteed sexy skin scrub salts. Bodhi is our skin's fairy godmother.

But it wasn't just the Bodhi heavenly products which had us bowled over; Sam and myself loved meeting some new peeps. We had such a giggle with Danni Stokes from Holistic Green Beauty and Ana Maria Green from Ana Goes Green, you must go and check out their blogs, they both know quite a bit about natural beauty products.

bodhi spa soiree
Danni, Ana and moi 
The champagne went down very well

We also enjoyed very long chats with Kevin Breese (Dolce & Gabbana) Harvey and Elijah's partner Mr Martin Gough - if ever you want to know anything about a certain travel destination, ask Martin. A charming bunch of guys who were such lovely company.

bodhi spa soiree
From left:  Kevin Breese (Dolce & Gabbana), Harvey, Elijah Choo (Founder of Bodhi), Sam, Me and Martin Gough.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Bodhi for a delightful evening, we really enjoyed ourselves and cannot wait to see everyone again.

Teresa x

All images belong to Garazi Photography

I had a go at taking some pics too.

teresa bodhi