Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Budgie In Your Home?

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of over the whole bird thing; bird patterns on clothes, birds on wallpaper and ruddy birdcages. BUT when I saw these fabulous delights from The Cotton Potter I was bowled over.

I want the budgie.

But there's not only just budgies, there are blue tits, wagtails, magpies, robins and goldfinches to name but a few. So if you are a devoted twitcher or love a bit of quirkiness in your home then why not have a Cotton Potter bird….

blue budgie
Blue budgie, £55

cotton potter bird
Baby chick, £25
Goldfinch, £45
Robin, £45
pied wagtail
Pied wagtail, £50
pink floral bird
Pink floral bird, £50
long-tailed tit
Long-tailed tit, £45
Yellowhammer, £45
Chaffinch, £50
wedding birds
Pair of wedding birds - cake topper, £130
blue tit family
Blue tit family, £80
country gentleman
Country gentleman, £65

I do love to hear the birds singing every morning when I wake up, so why not have one to liven up a shelf at home? With such a big choice of colours and patterns you can easily find one which fits in with your decor. Do take a look at the Facebook page and see all the other birds.

And as I always like to remind our readers, we are not sponsored or paid in any way to write these blogposts. We want to share with you all the new, the cool and the quirky stuff we find.

Teresa x