Monday, 4 March 2013

Tara Starlet's Luscious Lingerie

Ladies, today's post is going to help to transform you into a glamorous 50s pin-up - all luscious waves, beestung lips and bombshell curves. I guarantee it.

Just the other day, I was happily browsing Tara Starlet and, for once, I didn't find myself lusting after their beautiful dresses (although I did do that later). Nope, instead I was struck by their retro lingerie and nightwear.

After hours of gazing longingly at the Tara Starlet site, I decided that I desperately want to be the kind of woman who lazes around her house dressed like this:

Of course, in reality (actually, right this second) you're more likely to find me in some sort of mismatched shambles - floral, baby sick stained PJ bottoms and an old Breton tee. Glam...

Anyway, I am determined to make that change, so why not join me? Take your pick from Tara Starlet's slips, camisoles, petticoats, kimonos and PJ bottoms because it's all gorgeous. There's no itchy red lace, peekaboo bras or ghastly thongs here. This is real, luxurious lingerie - the kind that you'll want to wear to seduce your partner and do the ironing in. In fact, you probably won't want to take it off ("Oh, hello Mr Postman!")

I mean, just look at can just imagine Marilyn Monroe herself posing in one of these silky slips, can't you?

And how frigging cool do these PJ bottoms look? I can't imagine this lady ever getting baby sick or bright orange sweet potato puree down these!

I have always, always wanted a floaty kimono to swan around the house in, and this oriental beauty has flown straight to the top of my list. I may have to wait a while though - don't want to be getting baby sick on that one.

Tara Starlet's lingerie starts at £32 and is available to buy from here. You can thank me later...

Sam x