Saturday, 23 March 2013


1.  The lack of spring. Where is it? I can't hear the birds singing in the morning, there's hardly any snowdrops or crocuses and what about drying my washing outside?

2.   I am sick of the sight of Kim Kardashian. I have never watched the reality show following her glamorous lifestyle, so maybe my opinion doesn't count for much. But, I don't care because I'm sick of seeing her everywhere. I don't care what she is wearing or how big her bottom is, she's pregnant for crying out loud. How can a woman whose bridal bouquet lasted longer than her wedding get so much press?

3.   Why are all the high street shops full of bralets? I've not seen a single girl wearing one in Leicestershire and I doubt there's many anywhere else other than in pop wannabe wardrobes.

4.   Suggested posts get out of my Facebook newsfeed. I'm not interested. And that goes for Candy Crush Saga requests too.

5.   I cannot stand public swimming pools. My biggest gripe is with male swimmers. They dive in, swim a length, come up for air and then grab the snot/slime from their noses and dispose of it in the water. Makes me wretch!

6.   Convenience stores which overcharge because you can't go anywhere else. Hospital shops to be precise. Whilst attending a hospital appointment the other week I was feeling rather ravenous so popped to the shop in the hospital. £1.39 for the thinnest slice of flapjack and £1.69 for some pop. I wouldn't have minded if it was for WRVS but it wasn't. It was a newsagents within the hospital. Rip off!

7.   Men who think it is acceptable to put football on my television. Football is only allowed in my house when it's the World Cup. My nephew Lewis is a sod for switching it on whenever he visits my home.

8.   Dog diarrhoea. I shall spare you the details of this. All I shall say is fluffy dog and sloppy poo are not a great combination; have got through a lot of baby wipes this week.

9.   I am getting very irritated by the title "Mumpreneur" that seems to be flying around. How about women who don't have children, what do you call them? And how about Alan Sugar and Richard  Branson, why isn't anyone calling them Dadpreneurs?

10.  Men who grow their beards long and braid it into some sort of beard ponytail thing. It looks like you've stuck anal beads to your chin. Stupid!

not into this

What are you NOT into this week? Feel free to air your gripes here.

Teresa x