Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Baby Love - Weleda Calendula Face Cream

I am seriously starting to tire of this weather.

I know that I seem to have been moaning about the cold forever, but it is almost as if we are stuck in Narnia, so I reckon that I have every right to moan.

However, there's always a silver lining in life - it's just about fighting your way to it. For me, the upside to these dreary grey skies and endless snow showers is that they have helped me to discover a new wonder product. Better yet, it only costs £7.95! Just don't tell Zayn that I pinched it from his baby bath drawers...

I have long been a fan of Weleda's products. I often use the Pomegranate Firming Care range when my skin is looking a little lacklustre, whereas the genius Skin Food is one of my Desert Island products.

Both Zayn and I are also huge, huge fans of Weleda baby products (the teething granules, the shampoo and body wash, the weather protection cream - all brilliant). I'd just never considered using them on myself before.

However, since I had a moisturiser emergency (basically I forgot to restock on my usual!) and had a little squirt of the Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream, it has worked its way firmly into my daily routine. I count myself in good company too - both Jessica Alba and Alexa Chung use this gentle little moisturiser as well. If it's good enough for them...

The face cream is fairly rich, which is why I've found it ideal during the harsher weather. However, it would probably make a brilliant night-time treatment, or a great daily moisturiser if you suffer from dry skin.

Anyway, this is how well it works. See how smooth my hand looks in the little area I applied it to?

Since it's designed for babies and made from all-natural products, it is very soothing for sensitive skins like mine. There are no nasties to make me break out and, since using it, I've found that my skin has been a lot smoother and less red in the morning.

I think Zayn is going to have to fight me for it...

Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream is available to buy online here.

Sam x